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  3. Made a sinx and need info on cards and equips
  4. Gm please help me i cant log in¡¡¡ alway says failed to conect to server.
  5. Last week
  6. I was already playing until today. I started the game through the patcher and the direct exe file. it will load only until gepard shield then that's it. I tried reinstalling the full client, working on the compatibility stuff and running it as an admin but still not working, what's going on?
  7. Earlier
  8. i tried it, still doesnt work tho T_T i just really want to try and play this server. ho ho T_T
  9. try to do compability if u use windows 8/10. because this is old game somehow it runs in 32bit instead of 64bit
  10. Yes dual log in is against the rules
  11. Solved
  12. Hi, so i just downloaded both lite and full client and everytime i run the patch after the patch is been made both patch and main client disappears after the patch, PLEASE HELP !
  13. Is dual log in enable? or its against the rules? new player hir so dint know.
  14. Got crash form Pet equipment when i use goblin leader and try use pet equip i got crash in that char i try relog it still crash when i use that char I cant use that char HELP
  15. same i dont know how to get pass mines how do i know the pin number?
  16. send help cant make
  17. send help cant make
  18. Try, delete cyro.dat file. Then reopen the patcher.
  19. I download full version from the web, extract and open Patcher, but it just open up the game without update, no sign of patcher being run. Because no update i cant play the game at all. Please help. Win 7 64 directx 11
  20. newbie

    Hi Y'all im Saint Josh or Josh anything with Saint is my character
  21. How to make glorious morning star? thanks!
  22. Hello everybody~ My name is SanDKinGz and I'm from Malaysia. My IGN is : Beelzubub Nice to meet you all. All Hail!!
  23. Hello Everyone. I have trouble remembering my 4 digit pin code. Is there a way to reset it? Thank You in advance for your help!
  24. Please open DreamcatcherRO Patcher.exe and wait it update
  25. Did you investigate ID and IP address of this char?
  26. Solved fake post
  27. Did you try, exit game and log back in or click on NPC Buffer (go 0)
  28. they wonna treade my item other char and say wait for log ther char i see my item in char i remem this Muplay /Jaya/ B A C K/J i Y o 1 4 read this message box help if u can i dont won my item back just do something to them
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