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  5. Treasure hunt guide also has monaters which is seasonal ,please use @whereis and @mi for more details and if you feel the quest is hard we have made it in a way like players can abondent the quest at any time n choose a easy quest 😊
  6. because you kill MVP Baphonet , not "Great Demon Baphomet" . We're check it
  7. Was on a Hunting Mission and on the list is 'Great Demon Baphomet'. Killed one and went back to check but it was not registered. Is this a bug?
  8. can you plzz help of this what is the problem of my computer
  9. Earlier
  10. thank you!
  11. Reset skill, then exit game and login again, using @allskill
  12. Hi, I'm not sure where to post this, or if this is normal, but of all the jobs I tested, this taekwon is permanently in blind/black screen mode. When I changed characters, it is not a problem. Anyone knows what's up?
  13. Okay, thank you! I'll try that.
  14. Please prove us with screenshots and more details details
  15. The gepard.dll file is not a virus, but rather it is a dll for our anti-cheat protections. It manipulates the EXE that is why it is mistaken to be a virus by your AV. It is safe do not worry, just as long as it came from the installation. Just add the whole DreamcatcherRO folder to the exclusions list of your antivirus to keep if from blocks. Restart game.
  16. Hello, yesterday I installed DreamCatcherRO, but my BitDefender antivirus catch file gepard.dll as Trojan. This never happened before to other private server files. Any explanation? Or it's just a false detection? I really want to try this one out. Thanks before.
  17. Update latest version
  18. i cant go to character selection It was allways "Failed to Connect to Server" can anyone help me please..?
  19. Can Someone Help me?
  20. Are they not vendable ?
  21. The first time i tried setting my pin, i used consecutive numbers like 1234 4321 6789 9876 or just same numbers like 0000 1111 and it didnt work for me. But when i used random numbers like 6491, it finally worked after.
  22. You can not sell the rings or throw them and I do not know where to keep them since I have a collection to see if it was possible to do something about it
  23. Well, if it's weird, I did not have trouble entering the ping to see if it's a little bugg or something and the admin can check it
  24. NVM guys i just solved it myself, i have to use random numbers not consecutive numbers to work.
  25. yes i checked a lot of times, i even tried to use different set of numbers but it still giving me the same message. Im having the same problem shown in the video
  26. heck again if you have set the number correctly
  27. So im new to the server and im trying to create a character. After i log in my account, it prompts me to create a pin, after i type the desired pin, i typed the same exact pin afterwards. But i keep getting the message "Unable to use restricted number in 2nd password." Is there something im doing wrong? Is there something i must do first? Please help.
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