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  1. Yes dual log in is against the rules
  2. Solved
  3. Solved fake post
  4. Dose the error still occur Did you try to log out and login again ?? Which file did you download from website? Did you edit files inside DCRO folder? If possible Please provide us some screen shot
  5. Treasure hunt guide also has monaters which is seasonal ,please use @whereis and @mi for more details and if you feel the quest is hard we have made it in a way like players can abondent the quest at any time n choose a easy quest 😊
  6. Please prove us with screenshots and more details details
  7. The gepard.dll file is not a virus, but rather it is a dll for our anti-cheat protections. It manipulates the EXE that is why it is mistaken to be a virus by your AV. It is safe do not worry, just as long as it came from the installation. Just add the whole DreamcatcherRO folder to the exclusions list of your antivirus to keep if from blocks. Restart game.
  8. Are they not vendable ?
  9. You can only choose one path a time lets us know if you are trying to choose 2 path at the same time or its your first path
  10. Example 31-12-85 Or 85-12-31 With the dash
  11. Have you patcher your client ?? Using game patcher And Which file did you download lite or full
  12. Use @allskill
  13. Use your date of birth Try YY-MM-DD Or DD-MM-YY
  14. The whole reason for having a Rules of Conduct is to make sure that the game world is a pleasant place to be. If you've read those Rules, you will notice that they are very simple common sense guidelines. So what happens when someone breaks the Rules of Conduct? In the interests of keeping things pleasant for the majority of players, we've set up a system to deal with lapses in behavior. We think the system is fair, balanced, and reasonable. We approach towards discipline is for every player to acquire self discipline and be responsible conduct so as to contribute to the overall well-being of all in the server. Every player has the right to expect a conducive environment. General: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Don't be a obnoxious player. 2.Do not "feed" in PvP zone. If get get cought by a GM all points you gain will be removed. 3.Do not gang a player in PvP (this also include in Free For All PvP Mode) 4.Do not advertise other server. Its obvious you'll get permanently banned. 5.Do not tolerate rule breakers or other activities such as using macro and third-party program. 6.Giving or Lending your item(s) to other or to your friend(s) is at your own risk. GM team will not take actions such as giving refunds."SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFO AT YOUR OWN RISK". 7.Do NOT give out your ID or password to anyone, this includes GMs. A GM will not ask for your ID or password, so use caution with this. If you share your account information, and someone takes items off of your account, do NOT ask a GM to replace your items. 8.Buying, selling, and/or trading of DreamercatcherRO account(s) for any and all forms of currency is illegal. 9.Do not use character names, guild names, party names, homunculus names, shop names, chat names pets to harass other users. 10.Do not impersonate other users, guilds, or GM staff. 11.Do not conduct 'RMT' so called real money transfer or trade between other server. it will result in a permanent ban for all players involved. 12.Player must know how to speak/write or understand simple English word. 13.Speak 'English' in main town and PvP/WoE area. Client-side ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Do not use autopot(blue pots) or any third-party program. 2.Do not use third-party program or macro software this inlcudes auto-feeding and auto farming scripts. 3.Do not Modify DCro game files. 4.Dual Client is prohibited. Player interaction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Do not make rude comments on the subject of looks, race, gender, sexual identity, or sexual preference. 2.Do not sexually harass other users. No one wants to know what you would do to them. 3.Do not threaten other players with real life harm. 4.Show a minimum form of respect for all players. The staff, be it support players, GMs, or the Administrator, are players too. All individuals have the right to be respected by others until they prove otherwise. 5.Do not beg item(s) or account from players and even GMs. asking for a assistance is great,but asking for items is not good. 6.Do not impersonate other players or GMs. 7.Do not initiate 'scam'. 8.Do not use skill that inhibit a player from playing. 9.Do not use inappropriate in-game name(s). War of Emperium ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Intentionally Portal Casting is prohibited 2.Guild Emblem(s)must be visible at least 70~90% . 3.Do not use other Guild name or guild emblem. 4.Win trading outcome of the WoE is prohibited. 5.Each guild is allowed to online 'one' character/account inside the castle. PvM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Do not intentionally kill steal. 2.Do not hit monster(s) that belong to another player. 3.Do not loot item(s) that do not belong to you. 4.Do not use third-party program to bot or AFK farming. How to Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a clear Screenshots and or record video upload them on Forum, or you can directly contact Admin. In your screenshots, please show us that you've tried to talk with the problematic players and attempted to solve the issue by yourself first. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Please be reminded that even if all these rules have been laid out, there are some issues that were not covered. However, actions of all players that are considered to be unfair and immoral, we reserve the right to punish players on our own discretion.The server owner also reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice.Players are advised to keep themselves informed of these rules as you play the game, and ignorance of the rules will not be entertained as an acceptable excuse for breaking them. Should you keep yourself aware,