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  1. try to type @skillsall or @skillall
  2. i think you add it directly here. you need to edit it first. Open Paint.exe then Ctrl+V then save as .jpeg /no1
  3. you can turn off the /hoai in Setup.exe inside the DCro folder. just open Setup.exe then go to settings then turn off /hoai.
  4. please contact admin about this matter. if you use a vaild email we asure your it can be restored. /no1
  5. make sure your DCro was excluded to you antivirus program, and you patch the latest patch file.
  6. exclude your DCro folder in the antivirus program. then run delete the cyro.dat and run the patcher again.
  7. i think you need to download the full client file. Click me!
  8. what error sir? please let us know, or take a clear screenshot. thank you!
  9. its already reported. Thank you for informing us about this. /no1 enjoy! have a nice day!
  10. Thank you very much for your suggestion. We really appreciate the time you took to think about it and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the future.
  11. maybe this guide can help a liltle Click me!