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I would like to make some suggestion(s) to attract more players on this server (probably?)

I've been playing here for no more than 2 weeks by now.. I played here before (I think that's been a yr or so) but didn't really play much... anyways, I came back to play and start my journey here but I noticed something. This is a SHR server yet we still have to farm for our items to get fully geared in pvp and woe instead of focusing of having fun in pvp/woe. I'm in no position to tell the server owner what to do but this is just a suggestion so maybe we can have a really enjoyable time playing in this server.

#1 - Most players who come to SHR are looking for instant pvp/woe. (I know some will say, "then this is not the server for you") Well it's just a waste to let go those players. Me, myself play on this server for the fun of woe and pvp but then I'm stuck here for almost 2 weeks farming for my prof's item and still not fully equipped yet. NOTE: Had to make star glad and geared it up first for better farming (took almost a week to complete the items needed  to farm)

#2 - As said above, after gearing up my star glad for "faster farming" (i dont think so)..I have to start farming to make items for my main character (prof) but then there's this another farming thing that I have to do to get an item. Basically equipment needs 3 headgears / armor / weapon / shield / garment / shoes / 2 accessories. 

-- All those items are path quests aside for the accessories, which I believe are the falcong ring and pushcart ring (I'm not sure about the other acc's)
-- Each item (for prof) needs 1k cold moonlight that takes me over 5 hrs of farming and 800 platinum coins (8k mithril coins) 1-2hrs ..and that is only for 1 item. Of course I'm just a normal person who needs sleep and go to work but sometimes when it's my day off, I play for 16hrs straight JUST TO FARM. Not to mention the 3 costume hg that gives real stats that you need.

What I'm saying is, farming isn't a thing for SHR server... players will get bored of it, specially new players who came for pvp/woe... new players are way behind and needs lot of time to catch up on the old ones.
Well, I'm not saying that farming should be removed but here's the point:

Why not lower the farming / questing rate and focus more on pvp / woe. Players wants action (specially in SHR server)..fun in the game...

Why not give new players reasonable items to start joining in woe/pvp and farm for a better stat items later.

Make castle drops be a quest item requirement so players will join guilds and start competing to get those castle drops.

Why make players spend time to level up to 999 when they can start at max level and start farming or gearing up for battle?


That's it for now... I forgot the other things but I hope you can at least think about this suggestion. /no1

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Thank you very much for your suggestion. We really appreciate the time you took to think about it and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the future.^_^

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